How to save big on your Pune trip (on accommodation)?

Service apartments PuneYou’ve made up your mind. You’re going to Pune for the family vacation. And you’ve a plan to be there for at least a week. However, you’re not very much sure about the hotel that you should stay in. You’re looking for something nice, but affordable. And the hotels that you just checked online seem to be pretty out of budget. Did you check the service apartments in Pune?

Staying in a Pune service apartment is one nice thing that you can do to ensure a happy and cost-effective one-week holiday in the Pune city. Plus, you’ll get more space, a fully-equipped small kitchen, and greater freedom to live your way.

Finding a Pune service apartment is a pretty easy thing when you do it through Google. Check out a couple of websites, speak to those who make sense, and strike a deal for a nice apartment that is suitable for the family holiday, and your pocket.

If you already don’t know, Pune is the cultural hub of Maharashtra; this is why living in this city always feels special, especially when you’re visiting it for the first time. And since you’ll be visiting it with the family, the holiday fun is going to just double up.

For more on Pune and service apartments in Pune, you can also check out our other blog posts.


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