Best Guest Houses in Delhi for Fastidious Guests

Swanky malls, impressively designed corporate offices and stunning man made landscapes, almost everything has changed about metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. These three cities and Kolkata in the east are essentially the hubs of all commercial and corporate activity of the nation. Each of these metros are home to several hundred business establishments and administrative offices.

An astounding number of people travel to these places day in and out every day for reasons ranging from business to pleasure and everything in between. Needless to say, travellers find it hard to find correct places to stay. Those places that are light on the pocket are horribly bad in terms of facilities, and those that have everything to make your stay comfortable may be lacking in other aspects.

A common issue that travellers often raise is that of privacy and a sense of independence. Small places try to be overbearing about their rules and regulations, big ones don’t care much about small-budget guests and make their apathy plainly evident for everyone to see. What are the options for a traveller on a budget?

Increasingly people travelling to New Delhi, Pune or any metro city for that matter have begun preferring guest house and apartment hotels to the usual alternatives and for the right reason. These places are comparatively smaller but have everything you would expect from a proper place to stay. There is a pleasing variety in menu and the staff is significantly more considerate and understanding of your demands. In order to stand apart from the rest of the pack, apartment hotels in Pune and Delhi go out of their way to make you feel welcome and comfortable. You can always expect the best at a guest house in New Delhi.


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