How to feel the pulse of Pune in a fairly short holiday?

What I find most fascinating about Pune is its vibe – the locals, the food, the streets, the culture and the music, every piece of this city is pure and inspiring. If you’re going down the lanes of Pune sooner or later, you must try a brisk walk in the morning with a group of students. Your school memories will be all over you – believe me, I’ve tried this thing and I loved the moments that I walked with the students.

One thing that you have to be careful about is your hotel. The city has plenty of options – I prefer a stay in any of the strategically located serviced apartments in Pune. They give me the feel of my home – plus, I like to cook my food. And in this particular accommodation in Pune, I get the space – a small, equipped kitchen – to cook my food, whenever I want, whatever I want to cook.

Whether you want to shell out just 1000 a day or 8000 rupees a day, you’ll get the rooms or serviced apartments in Pune. But, try booking your place a couple of days before. You wouldn’t have to worry about booking your accommodation at the last minutes. And you’ll also get better rates.

Now let’s come back to Pune and the charm it holds for travelers. I’ve been to Pune 5-6 times. Every time, I find this city anew. There’s so much to do and see – if you’re going to the city for travelling purpose, read some travel sites to get to know Pune better. But even if you’re going there for a business meeting, try sparing some hours to explore the hidden beauty that Pune is all about. I love this city – and I’m sure you’ll love Pune too.


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